Event Recap: Irma Boom

On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, Dutch book designer Irma Boom joined designer, writer, and podcast host Debbie Millman for an… Read More

11 February 2014

Information, Graphically

I find myself inundated: too much information, too quickly, too often. It’s overwhelming. Occasionally in that stream, though, I’m captured… Read More

22 May 2008

Teams That Fit: An interview with Athletics

It all started in a former boxing gym. These are design professionals at the top of their game, with complimentary… Read More

16 May 2008

Drive Your Design Business: An interview with Emily Ruth Cohen

Sometimes, we all need some help. Emily Ruth Cohen consults with small to mid-size creative firms and in-house corporate design… Read More

15 May 2008

Stop Making Things Hard On Yourself: An interview with Jason Fried

There’s little doubt that we live in an increasingly gray world. Entertainment, politics, religion, economics, the arts: all seem to… Read More

9 May 2008

Deep, Nerdy Passion: An Interview with Barbara Glauber

We get up-close and personal with Barbara Glauber — Heavy Meta principal, Yale design professor, and mom.

5 May 2008

Help Make Policy Public

I caught up with Rosten to get some details on Making Policy Public, a “fold-out poster series” that aims to share and arouse interest in public policies.

18 March 2008

Things to Learn from Stefan Sagmeister

Stegan Sagmeister sheds light on things big and small before his presentation at AIGA/NY.

16 February 2008

Working With Graphic Designers: A Few Words With James Biber

You might recall, in October 2007, AIGA/NY delivered Proust questionnaires to modern icons Wim Crouwel and Massimo Vignelli. Both said… Read More

4 February 2008

Speak To Their Hearts: A Brief Interview With Allan Chochinov

When I think of Kelly Dobson and Tobias Wong, humor (of course) comes to mind. Dobson’s and Wong’s recontextualized objets… Read More

30 October 2007

Ask the Director and a Type Designer

Gary Hustwit and Tobias Frere-Jones shed some more insight into the Helvetica Documentary.

17 September 2007

Harnessing Potential: An interview with Rie Norregaard

Every designer brings their own approach to the design process. As that process grows to engage more disciplines and is… Read More

5 September 2007