The Event

In today’s changing world, the definition of creativity is shifting. The most creative teams are no longer only made up of the traditional designer and ‘creative’ roles, but are now truly multidisciplinary teams that are comprised of roles from all different expertise areas and disciplines. This requires a different leadership mindset – a shift from Directive to Facilitative, from Visionary to Guide, and from Generator to Connector – creating the conditions and providing the support for these teams to unleash their best work.

Join Justine Lai and Alix Zacharias from the leadership consultant firm, August. August builds movements that change the way companies work, organize, and lead. They believe teams are the fundamental unit of organizational change and work with leaders to build high performing teams that scale transformative change throughout the organization. During this interactive workshop, Justine and Alix will introduce 2 key practices that they use to enable success: 1) Mission-Driven Structure and 2) Continuous Redesign.

• A new model of leadership for creative teams
• A key practice for sharing to enable transparent communication
• A new model for team design



Justine Lai / Co-Owner and Change Lead / August
Justine is a trusted advisor to business and public sector leaders at organizational design firm August Public and has 10 years of experience helping organizations overcome legacy ways of working and mindsets to rediscover their capacity for innovation. Prior to August, Justine developed turnaround organizational consulting services for social service agencies across New York State, and developed an internal innovation network for one of NYC’s largest behavioral health organizations. Throughout her career, she has worked with both startups and large companies tackling some of the most complex challenges facing our society across healthcare, enterprise technology, retail and education. Justine holds an MBA from the Wharton School in Innovation Management.

Alix Zacharias / Co-Founder / August
Alix’s experience leading operations inside of self-managing organizations has come to great use as a founding member of August. Alix navigates the people ops, legal, tax, and monetary implications of August’s unique structure which is, according to the company’s corporate lawyer, “an intellectual exercise.” In addition to building a constantly evolving office in the US, she has successfully launched the London office with its equally as demanding understanding of finance and legalese. After starting her career in hotel and restaurant management, she joined IDEO and then Undercurrent where she was able to leverage her passion for hospitality by incorporating those principles into experience design strategies. Alix excels at knowing how to create a thriving company culture that drives employee engagement and performance.

6:30-7:00pm Doors open and check in
7:00-8:00pm Mix of content & interactive exercises
8:00-8:30pm Questions + Networking