The Event

The development of design projects and course plans is being conducted in increasingly complex educational environments requiring a more sophisticated set of thoughtful and negotiated responses. Educators work to devise projects that will best serve students, the discipline and the profession. Once complete they then have to decide how and when these materials should be revised and updated. We must weigh our responsibility to be innovative and experimental against the need to be pragmatic and mindful of concerns such as job readiness and technological competencies. Design Incubation invites educators, students and professional designers to join us and a panel of experienced design educators for a lively and informative conversation focused on the myriad considerations that come into play during the creation design projects, assignments and syllabi and the thorny issues associated with their development and distribution.

The conversation will be moderated by Aaris Sherin, Professor of Design at St. John’s University and Liz Deluna, Associate Professor of Design at St. John’s University.

Ned Drew, Professor, Graphic Design Coordinator Rutgers University-Newark
Alex Girard, Assistant Professor Graphic Design Southern Connecticut State University
Debbie Millman, Host, Design Matters. Chair, Masters in Branding School of Visual Arts
Scott Santoro, Adjunct Professor Pratt Institute
 Guide to Graphic Design