Founded in 1914, AIGA, the professional association for design, is a nonprofit professional membership organization headquartered in New York City.

Its formation began in 1911, when Fred Goudy sat at a table with Alfred Stieglitz, W. A. Dwiggins and others who shared a commitment and a passion in the nobility of a profession that had not yet been named: “the purposeful arrangement of text and images to communicate more effectively, with dignity, elegance and impact; and accomplished with high expectations for the craft of production.”

Three years after their first meeting, they decided to create the American Institute of Graphic Arts. They required each member to bring a chair, as the early organization had no permanent home. “We should each ask what we are willing to bring to the table to advance this remarkable profession.”

AIGA/NY is the New York Chapter of AIGA. Established in 1982, as the association began to decentralize leadership, AIGA/NY is the largest of 68 chapters with 3,500 members to date. The New York Chapter is a separately incorporated, nonprofit organization with its own Board of Directors, bylaws and tax-exempt status. While it is self-governing in every way, it operates in a manner consistent with the mission of the parent organization.